Top Ideas for Bathroom Remodeling

The bathroom is probably one of the best places to start your remodeling project. Besides adding value to your home, a great bathroom can also increase the fun, comfort and enjoyment level of your interiors.

A bathroom remodeling project is a major project and several factors should be considered before commencing work.

Bathroom remodeling does not always have to be very pricey. Sometimes, you will be amazed at the difference even small changes can make. If you are simply bored with the current look and want to spruce it up a little without spending too much money, here are a few suggestions:

  • Get a new coat of paint. Nothing can make as dramatic a change as a total revamp of color.
  • Follow this up with some swanky new hardware. You can make a whole lot of difference by installing the right hardware in the bathroom.
  • Want to make the bathroom look bigger and brighter? Simple. Just install a large mirror. To add to the beauty of the new look, frame the mirror and install a pair of classy wall scones on the sides.
  • Want to fill up some space without cluttering the bath? How about populating it with a beautiful yet inexpensive vanity? A stunning flower vase can complete the look.

If the bathroom remodeling is going to be a more extensive project, then, it is naturally going to cost more money. You might then want to go for something more than just cosmetic changes. Installing a bath, replacing the shower and putting in new tiles are some ideas that may be implemented.

No remodeling job can be a success unless it starts with a realistic budget. To set the budget, however you need to have a good idea of what you want to achieve through the remodeling project. Do you simply want a new look or are you looking for fundamental changes? Most bathrooms could do with additional storage space. Look for ways in which the remodeling can give you more space for additional cabinets and so on.

In most cases, a bathroom remodeling project is not a DIY job. So, the next step is to find a reliable and experienced contractor for the job. Since plumbing lies at the heart of a bathroom remodel, make sure to employ someone who has the right credentials and experience.

Before starting with the job, get a detailed inspection of the bathroom. Look for leaks or any other existing problems that may be set right while the remodeling takes place. If you’ve always wanted to green, here’s the chance!

Before you start the remodeling job, take a look at what’s new in show homes and magazines. In this way, you get an idea of the latest trends and innovations. The most important thing is to have fun and enjoy the remodeling job.

Popular Ideas for Bathroom Remodeling

Interior design and home improvement continues to evolve, bringing about delightful new features to indulge homeowners in many ways.  One such area that is under spotlight is the bathroom with its purposes greatly changing throughout the decades.  Bathroom remodeling creates an intimate area in your home that affords its masters as well as the rest of the household the functionality and beauty that they long for.  Add a dash of luxury and maximized comfort to that and you’ll discover a project well worth the investment.

Especially in big cities like New York where a stressful everyday is shared by almost everybody, bathroom remodeling is a sure hit to up the ante of living quality.  Recreate your bathrooms to So whether you are in Manhattan, Long Island, Queens, Brooklyn, or Staten Island; here are popular ideas to help you in your venture to a creative and great looking bath.

Modern Bathrooms

To achieve a contemporary look and feel when bathroom remodeling, there are several key elements that should be present.  The core principle behind a modern bath is making things downright functional.  The beauty of modern baths lie in the minimal way that everything showcasing smooth, sleek lines are integrated together.  High gloss surfaces such as stainless steel, glass, natural stone, hardwood and other materials that are finished to brandish an amazing sheen make up for a fabulous addition to your modern bathroom remodeling.

Romantic Bathrooms

Imagine stepping back into an utterly charming space in time to lavish at a periodic beauty without sacrificing the technologies that the new generations afford.  Romantic bathroom remodeling is mainly represented by elegantly ornate and decorative additions that blend rich textures that illuminate the area with passion.  This achieves a dramatic style and ambiance and some of the most popular ideas for romantic bathrooms include: faux-finished walls; the dominance of delicate neutrals such as peach, rose, cream and other such hues; moldings and trims on the walls as well as on furniture and cabinets; ornate fixtures from faucets to light fittings; and elaborate curtains. 

Transitional Bathrooms

With transitional bathrooms, the traditional meets the modern.  Traditional baths are popular for the homey look and feel while contemporary designs are preferred for functionality and efficiency.  To integrate both into your bathroom remodeling, one effective idea that you can try is keeping the major features such as the tiling, bathtub and counters traditional while updating the plumbing fixtures such as faucets, showerheads, and sinks for a modern touch and more efficient use of resources. 

Spa Bathrooms

Rejuvenation and wellness have gone beyond the exclusivity of fitness clubs and are now some of the most popular trends to hit bathroom remodeling.  Whatever your personal style maybe or the current design of your bath, some of the most popular additions are those that create a spa out of ordinary bathrooms allowing homeowners to luxuriate at utter luxury at their very own homes.  Some popular and irresistible spa items include home spa, Jacuzzi, deep-soaking tubs, chromatherapy, rain shower heads, vertical jet spas, and steam products.

Bathroom Remodeling – Best Designs and Colors

Bathroom remodeling is among the most commonly undertaken home improvement project by many homeowners who either want to make everyday simply better or to boost home value for a faster and more profitable sale. Whatever your reasons are to spruce up your New York home, knowing the best bathroom remodeling designs and colors is essential in the success of your project. So whether you are in Manhattan, Queens, Staten Island, Brooklyn, or Long Island; this article lays out ideas to inspire you in your quest to achieving your dream bath.

When it comes to bathroom remodeling layout and design, there are various options to explore and it is important that what you choose would not only showcase your personal taste but would also complement well with the lifestyle of the family. But whatever the design you have in mind, a functional layout is an essential key to success. To create such, consider who uses, when and how the bath is being used.

Bathroom remodeling that involves a move in plumbing, though more costly, makes up for flexibility where you have a wider array of design possibilities. But if the budget is limited and the current layout works fine with you, then you could make do with the existing drains and hook-ups. But however you decide to tackle the project or whatever design you pursue, stickling to state and local building codes is crucial.

Here are helpful bathroom design ideas and color schemes to take note of to make a success out of the project:

1. Universal design-showcases curbless showers, wider doorways, more spacious floor plan, and taller toilets. Neutral colors are best used for this style. The beauty of using this idea is that it can stand the test of time. Investing on universal appeal will surely prove valuable especially if you do not plan on renovating again for a long time.

2. Vintage style-takes homeowners back to the early 1900’s when what dominated the home construction and improvement industry were usability and craftsmanship. Sinks, vanities and tubs are often used to create focal point in this bathroom remodeling design. Patterned wallpapers are trademarks. White and black are classic vintage choices with distressed look popular in wood items. Other famous color choices are period and muted shades.

3. Asian design-such style continues to be a big hit in bathroom remodeling. Asian designs boast of a delightful combination of the classic look and luxuriously modern product features and d├ęcor. The most common materials used for such style includes wood, ornamental plants, decorative stones, mirrors, screens and frames. The color scheme involved highly depends on the motif that you are pursuing but some favorites include: black, white, red, gold, and other earth colors.

4. Contemporary Designs-for modern-day lifestyles, this design is sure to be the best-fit. Contemporary bathroom remodeling makes use of clean, simple lines and high-grade materials that are made all the more modern by the integration of the latest in technology. A trend that is commonly followed when it comes to color schemes is having neutral colors for fixtures and tiles, and combining this with bolder colors for other bathroom items.

Are You Thinking About Bathroom Remodeling?

Are you thinking about bathroom remodeling? You might be thinking about a bathroom remodel for any of a number of reasons.

  1. You need more space or functionality
  2. You need a second sink
  3. You want to provide a little more privacy when two people are in the bathroom at the same time
  4. You want to make your bathroom safer
  5. You want to make your bathroom accessible to people with disabilities
  6. You want to update or modernize your bathroom
  7. You want to create your own spa in the privacy of your own home
  8. You want to add a shower
  9. You want to add a whirlpool tub
  10. You want a linen closet in the bathroom
  11. You are getting your house ready to sell
  12. You just want a little change

These are all great reasons to remodel a bathroom. And your reason for remodeling will determine the changes you make. Your budget will also be an important factor in deciding how you will change your bathroom. But there are a few other things you might want to consider in your plans.

— Are you planning to stay in your house as you grow older? If so, you might want to plan to equip the bathroom with fixtures that will make it safer. Should you consider higher toilets? Should you consider stepping into a bathtub in order to take a shower?

— Will someone who has a disability use the bathroom? How will you need to arrange fixtures for ease of use and for the ability to move around in the bathroom? Do you need to plan for space to navigate a wheelchair? If the bathroom is to be used by someone in a wheelchair, should you lower the surface of the vanity? Should you use different sinks?

— One current trend in new homes is to build larger master bathrooms. If you are remodeling your bathroom because you plan to sell your house, this might be a consideration.

— Do you want to add a little luxury to your life? Do you want to create your own spa?

If your remodeling goal is to make your bathroom more accessible and safer, you will probably want to think seriously about access to the shower or to the bathtub. You will certainly want to place a few grab bars (near the toilet, near the shower and near the tub). You might want to install a seat in the shower or a raised toilet. You may find that some of the luxury features also serve comfort and therapeutic purposes as well. For example, multiple shower heads can be soothing for aching joints. A heated floor may be very comfortable in a cold climate.

If your goal is to add a little luxury to your life, you will find that the sky is the limit. Almost anything you can imagine is possible if you have the space and the budget.

If you just need a little extra space or an additional sink, you can do renovations that meet those needs and others at the same time. For example, if you want a second sink in the master bathroom, you can create dramatic effects by choosing a particular style of sink. If you want to remodel your bathroom to provide additional privacy when two people are using the bathroom at the same time, your remodel might be as simple as adding a short wall and a door to enclose the toilet area.

So what is popular now in terms of design and materials? The answer really depends upon what you want to achieve and the direction you want to go. Retro continues to be very popular. You might want to tear out existing vanity areas and bathtubs so you can replace them with a retro footed free-standing bathtub and pedestal sinks. You may be tired of chrome fixtures and simply want to try a new look like brushed nickel.

If you have decided to create a home spa, you might want to use more mirrors, particularly the fog-free mirrors. These mirrors can also be used as nearly-invisible doors to cabinets and cupboards. There are many new styles of small sinks that create amazing visual effects, as well as functionality. You can turn your bathroom into a steam room. You can install a shower with multiple adjustable shower heads at various heights to provide a full body massage. You can install a bathtub on any level (sunken, raised, etc.) for beauty and functionality. Your tub can include several types of jets for hydrotherapy effects.

Your choice of materials will be determined by the “look” you want to achieve. Ceramic tile has almost completely replaced vinyl floor covering. The many varieties and designs in ceramic tile can create virtually any style you want. You can install heating elements beneath the tile for a little bit of extra warmth and luxury. Your sink, tub, and shower can be made of anything from fiberglass to porcelain to various metals. Your walls can be painted drywall or drywall painted with a mural. You can choose wallpaper to create the effect you desire. Or you can use ceramic tile or mirrors on all or part of the walls. With a little shopping and planning, you can make your bathroom look like a Roman bath or an Asian spa or a turn-of-the-century hotel bathroom. You can use granite or marble for counters. And there are no limits on the colors you can use to create a mood of relaxation. Just check with a few stores to see what is available and create the design that serves your purposes. You might be amazed by the variety that is available in most any bathroom fixture.

Once you have your design and you have chosen your fixtures and materials, you only need to decide whether you will do the remodeling yourself or hire a contractor. The decision to do it yourself will depend upon your skills, your knowledge of how to install various fixtures and design elements, and the extent of the remodel. You might find that you would be in over your head if you decided to do electrical or plumbing work and hire a contractor to do those tasks, allowing you to do the painting, wallpapering, and less complex tasks. If you know the basics, you might find that you can do more of the work yourself if you take a class at a home improvement store or center.

Don’t be afraid to remodel your bathroom. Just consider your needs both in the long term and in the immediate future. Then design the space and the “look” that is right for you.

Bathroom Remodeling Ideas Made Easy

Bathroom remodeling ideas are the first step toward adding interest and color to a room that is primarily known for its functionality. Technology and changing tastes have created new interest in the bathroom and remodeling is a great way to take advantage of this trend.

Catalog Your Bathroom Remodeling Needs

Before you start to plan your bathroom remodeling, take stock of your current bathroom and answer a few key questions:

  • Is the bathroom large enough for your needs?
  • What is the primary function of the bathroom – kids, guests or master-bath?
  • Does the current layout of your bathroom work efficiently?
  • What are the deficiencies of your bathroom? Lighting? Storage?

Bathroom Remodeling Ideas

Once you’ve inventoried your existing bathroom, you’ll want to start putting a plan together to make changes. Here are a few ideas to get you started:

  • Wall coverings Changes to wall coverings can make a big change for very little effort. Paint is a quick way to alter the mood of a bathroom. Dark, warm colors can bring a sense of comfort to the room, while lighter warm colors can create a feeling of energy that will help you get moving in the morning. The addition of decorative tile to your bathroom walls can give the room a sophisticated felling of permanence. Tiles can be rustic or modern their flexible nature makes them perfect for any design style you choose.
  • Vanities The vanity is typically the only piece of furniture in your bathroom and has the most impact on the overall theme of the room. In an ultramodern room, you might consider a minimal vanity or even a pedestal sink. In a more traditional bathroom, a wooden vanity can influence the look of the room with its style of design and the type of wood used.
  • Fixtures Your sink and vanity type will determine the kind of fixtures you can select, but there are numerous styles to choose from for every type of fixtures. Most vendors offer a wide range of fixtures.
  • Tubs vs. showers Although bathtubs are standard equipment in most bathrooms, there are many people who seldom use their tubs. If you fall into this category, consider removing the tub and replacing it with a shower. Removing the tub will give your bathroom an airy feel and could free up some extra space in the room.

Easy Bathroom Remodel With Bathroom Cabinet Knobs

If you’re considering undergoing a bathroom remodel, you’ve probably set aside plenty of time and money in order to complete the task. With trends in the home constantly changing and updating, it’s inevitable that home owners will eventually want to completely change or modify their current bathroom designs. Contrary to what many believe, a bathroom remodel does not require ripping every element out of your bathroom and replacing it with something brand new. Although this process will certainly apply a noticeable change, there are easier (and less expensive) routes to sprucing up your bathroom.

Inside your bathroom, there are hundreds of small details. In the bathroom especially, details can often get left in the dust. When you think of a bathroom, the first things that pop into your mind are typically the largest elements of the room: the toilet, the shower, the vanity, etc… If you’re not an experienced home improvement person, chances are you have overlooked the small elements that help make the focal points in the room even better. Don’t worry, not every homeowner is a “do-it-yourself” expert, but with a few simple tips and tricks, you can complete a bathroom remodel in just a matter of hours.

Major details that are housed within the bathroom are bathroom cabinet knobs. Without them, our bathrooms could not be fully functional. Whether they’re attached to a medicine cabinet, cabinets below the sink, drawers, or any other storage space within the room, bathroom cabinet knobs can be found in just about every homeowner’s bathroom. This makes this project not only easy, but extremely versatile, as well.

Although you may think it takes a new sink, shower, or paint job to change the look of your bathroom – altering the details could be all the change you need to transform your bathroom into a whole new space. Picture for example you have a black and white bathroom, but you’re interested in implementing some color into the room. Sure, you could spend hundreds, maybe even thousands, of dollars putting in a new countertop with flecks of red in it, but is this really practical JUST to add a bit of color? Instead, replacing your current black cabinet knobs with bold red cabinet pulls give your home a fresh and modern feel. Without spending hundreds of dollars, you’ve virtually completed a bathroom remodel. Guests to your home are sure to notice this fun detail upon every visit to the room.

Simple changes like that can make a big impression on the room. Although they’re certainly not always a focal point in the room, cabinet pulls are an easy way to add a fun, modern, bold, or sleek decorative element into your bathroom. Since bathrooms are not notorious for their floor, counter, or wall space – it’s important to choose the decorative pieces carefully. By placing some concentration on things like bathroom cabinet knobs, homeowners can add a decorative piece into the room without cluttering the space. This is an extremely important element of bathroom design to consider.

So whether your bathroom is brand new and you’re looking to add a bit of pizzazz, or you’re simply looking to teach an old bathroom new tricks, installing new cabinet knobs could be just the change you’re looking for. With the requirement of just a few tools and a few hours, any level homeowner can make a noticeable change in their room. So the next time you decide your bathroom needs a pick-me-up, take a look around at the details in the room. You might just find an alternate route to a bathroom remodel that both you and your wallet will love.

What Are Some Tips For Bathroom Remodeling Ideas?

If you’re planning on remodeling your master bathroom, or it’s finally time to upgrade that small powder room, there are some time-saving tips that you can follow that will help you make the most of not only your bathroom remodeling ideas, but your budget as well.

Bathrooms are one of the most important rooms in your home, people like seeing modern bathrooms with all the latest fixtures and amenities and having a great bathroom can make your home that much more appealing to potential buyers.

One of the biggest constraints that people find when the time comes to remodel their bathroom is size. In many cases, you won’t be able to knock down any walls to make your bathroom bigger, so any bathroom remodeling ideas will need to be able to work within the current space that you have.

And if you’re planning on doing most of the work yourself, then you will probably want to keep most of your main plumbing, such as the toilet, sink and tub, in the same area to make the remodeling easier.

The budget for your bathroom makeover is another very important aspect to keep tabs on. Are you going for a small design remodel and just updating a few things, or are you going to spend more and do a complete upgrade including antique vanities and Moen faucets?

Figure out how much you are willing to spend when planning out your bathroom remodeling ideas and stick to it. Knowing what your budget is from the beginning will make it easier to plan and prioritize what’s really important in the room.

Finally, decide what it is you really want out of your remodeled bathroom. Do you want a full length tub with whirlpool jets, or would you be satisfied with keeping the current tub and just adding a bathtub liner for a quick upgrade?

Home improvement stores and online catalogs are great places to go for inspiration and advice when it comes to bathroom remodeling ideas. You will be able to see what the latest designs and trends are, and compare prices side by side to make the best choice for your bathroom.

Do You Fear a Bathroom Remodel?

So You Want to Remodel Your Bathroom

An increasing number of people find that they can remodel their bathrooms to create the perfect place in which they can relax, refresh, rejuvenate and/or have a romantic time. A bathroom redo can be an inexpensive and fun way to spruce up your entire house. So, what you need are some tips for remodeling your bathroom.

When you decide to begin a bathroom remodeling project, it is quickest to organize your goals before shopping for materials. Choose what items you want to replace, add, or take away from the bath area. Consider refinishing existing items such as bathtub, shower, sinks and toilet, or renewing the tiles or tub and shower enclosure to give a new look to your bathroom even with just a little investment. The bathroom is one of the most used areas of the house, so you want to be sure that you have it remodeled in such a way that it will last for a long time. Remodeling is extremely exciting because it means you are getting to create the ambiance you have always wanted in one of your favorite places: the bathroom.

Why Remodel If You Can Decorate?

Perhaps you would like to redo the bathroom, but at the same time you would like to keep things uncomplicated. If it is time for a bathroom makeover, count yourself lucky when you see the number of wonderful current decorating ideas for the bathroom today. There is a huge amount you can do with simple decorative treatments that avoid a full remodel.

If you have a small bathroom, remodeling ideas should mostly revolve around freeing the space of clutter and making better use of the available space. Using shelves, taller cabinets, and other organizational items will help the room seem larger because everything has a place and there is nothing left to crowd the space. There are any number of cabinets available to fit over the toilet or along empty walls to maximize the available area, or cabinets can be hung on the wall to free up floor space.

Regardless of the size of your bathroom, it is important that you sort out the existing items in the bathroom and choose which items you want to keep and which items can now retire. Clearing out unimportant clutter from the bathroom can help you decorate the room easily and match items for your fresh theme. Don’t be afraid to be bold and exciting – make your bathroom a fun place to visit!

Another decorating idea for a bathroom is to redo the porcelain sink and the tub. These tend to take a lot of abuse through the years, and with a fresh treatment, they will look brand-new. It’s a lot cheaper than putting in all new fixtures, and it really does make your bathroom look good.

A common bathroom decorating idea for people on a budget is adding or replacing light fixtures. While choosing a light may seem like a daunting task, be aware that once you have chosen the perfect lighting to enhance your bathroom’s theme, it can make a dramatic change to the overall feel of the room. Of course, also consider new paint, tile or wall paper to freshen up the space.

Following the new bathroom decorating trends while maintaining individual taste and style can be achieved with a little research and great imagination. Building on these ideas is sure to help anyone create the bathroom of their dreams. Home decorating magazines can be quite helpful, because if you see decorating materials that you like, there is often a section that shows how you can get them. They are also good at allowing you to see how the materials you’re interested in fit with other colors in the room.

But I Need to Remodel

If you find that redecorating just won’t do, and you really need to remodel, as part of your planning process create a bathroom remodeling check list to help you determine how much of an upgrade you can afford. Make sure you know exactly where your fixtures will go when designing your remodeling project, since you need the plumbing there to accommodate them. Unless you can somehow move the location of your fixtures, your sink, tub, and toilet are going to be exactly where you have them right now. In most cases, the location of your fixtures is going to be a hard limit, so plan accordingly.

Depending on the size of your bathroom and your budget, there are a few bathroom remodeling tips that can the project go smoother, as well as make life after the project easier. For large-budgeted bathroom remodeling projects, you can go beyond your dream bathroom by expanding the area and separating the toilet from the bath area. You can even add spa treatments, bathtubs, water jets and other more expensive bathroom add-ons.

If you have a more modest budget, one of the most important things is to make sure that the shower area is easily accessible. For example, some showers require a person to step up in order to enter the shower, while others are just walk-in showers. Whichever kind of shower you choose, it is important to note that it will have to be well installed in order to prevent leaks. Another method of controlling bathroom remodeling costs could be instead of replacing your tub and all the wall tiles, you could look into a tub and wall unit that fits right over an existing tub and wall. By using this technique and for a few hundred dollars the area can look as if it is brand-new. The alternative is replacing everything, which could run into the thousands.

When you choose where smaller fixtures go in the bathroom remodeling design, think function over form. For items such as the towel rack or even the toilet paper roll, keep in mind that they should go in places that are sensible, The towel rack might look nice by the door, but if it’s out of arm’s reach of the bathtub, then you won’t be happy whenever you get out of the shower, for example. With all things in bathroom remodeling design, if you design with an eye for common sense and space, you will be successful in your attempt to create a room that’s both stylish and functional.

There is no greater joy to a homeowner then to remodel a favorite room such as the bathroom. So, enjoy every minute of it, and, more importantly, enjoy the outcome of your work and labor. Once you are satisfied with the project, you can take your first relaxing shower and enjoy the long-term benefit from the investment you made.

Innovative Ideas for Bathroom Remodeling

In many countries it is sometimes mandatory for bathrooms to be divided into parts. One part contains a separate toilet, sometimes along with a basin. Other parts of a bathroom are constructed in such a way that there is a small partition laid down. This kind of construction is most common in the Commonwealth countries. Nowadays the same trend is being followed in other countries. It is very common that bathrooms contain no lavatory. In this way bathroom remodeling is being done even in those cases where bathrooms were built in combined form.

There are various trends being followed in different countries regarding restroom construction. For example, in the United States, there is a general trend make master bathrooms. This restroom is named so because it is adjoined to the master bedroom. The construction of this restroom is planned in such a way that it portrays the picture of a complete bathroom. There are four plumbing fixtures present in this kind of bathroom remodeling. These fixtures are made for bath tubs, showers, toilets, and sinks. In addition to the master bathroom, there is also another kind of construction.

This is called a half bathroom. It is built in such a way that it contains only a toilet and sink. Another category of restroom is called the Three fourth restroom. In this type, a toilet along with sink and shower is provided. However, these terms and designations are not strictly applied to these types of bathroom constructions. In fact, the terms used for different bathroom remodeling types vary from market to market. For instance, there are some markets in the United States where the term full bath is used for a toilet, sink, and shower. Not having uniformity in use of terms and definitions for various bathroom types has led to confusion and discrepancies in advertised and actual bathrooms.

Most often the confusions arise while listing and advertising the number of bathrooms in real estate listings. Another complication arises in the case of notations of bathrooms during the listing procedure. There are several methods devised for noting the number and sizes of bathrooms within a house. Among these, there are two which are currently available and most common. One method is counting a half restroom in decimal figures, for example as 0.5. Another comparatively recent method has evolved which shows the number of full bathrooms on the left side of the decimal and half bathrooms on the other side. An illustration of this is 2.1, where it indicates that there are two full bathrooms and one half restroom. Such designations make restroom remodeling comparatively easier.

The design and remodeling of bathrooms require another consideration – the use of hot and cold water in significant quantities. Bathroom remodeling should be done in such a way that it ensures the adequate and sufficient supply of both cold and hot water at the same time. There are various ways a restroom can be remodeled and one of these is the decoration of the restroom. Decoration of a bathroom can be a challenge. The first prerequisite in this case is that all the walls, ceiling, floors and coverings of a bathroom should be waterproof. They should also be made from material that can be easily cleaned and washed. In this case the materials commonly used in bathroom remodeling practices are ceramic or glass, as well as smooth plastic materials. Sometimes bathroom carpets and water resistant mats are also used to cover the floor partially.

Bathroom Remodeling Trends

The days of depending on a luxury resort or hotel for pampering are being replaced. Homeowners are trading this occasional extravagance for permanent innovations in their very own homes. Currently, creating sanctuaries are the new bathroom remodeling trends. Consumers can now enjoy opulence in the privacy of their own homes.

There is no question that kitchens and baths sell homes. Consumers place significant value on large open kitchens and bathrooms with modern conveniences and high-end fixtures. Currently, however, a new trend in bathrooms has been occurring which focuses on the latest and greatest technology in bathroom conveniences.

Previously marketed multiple-head showers have now evolved into elaborate multi-functioning appliances. One of the hottest trends is the steam shower which offers reclining seats, remote controlled massage, electronic temperature and steam generator, and surround sound. This trend is especially important in remodeling because it immediately updates an older bathroom, and additionally provides the homeowner with the convenience of a spa along with the privacy of home.

For added pizazz, there is another new innovation known as the tanning shower. This product allows the consumer to incorporate a tanning unit into an existing or new shower. The unit comes complete with lamps, reflectors, and a double UV filter for optimum tanning. Also included is a high-intensity infrared light marketed to stimulate the production of collagen and elastin, aiding in skincare.

Just thinking about a warm towel after a steam shower is enough to entice any consumer thinking about remodeling. Towel warming units currently on the market contain warming drawers with timer settings and temperature controls that can be conveniently personalized. Modern toilets complete with bidets are another feature many are including in their renovations. Intelligent toilets include the bidet, but also add the feature of remote controlled temperature settings for both the water flow and the seat. For men, the toilet lid can be remotely controlled and lowers itself after use. A sensor allows the toilet to flush and determine when a user is finished before lowering the lid. Germ elimination is no longer a concern for those incorporating this toilet.

Digital navigation systems bring all these features together allowing the consumer to customize their personal settings. Some systems even include brilliantly colored light shows in order to enhance mood. With one touch a homeowner can now set the temperature in the shower, choose a preferred water flow, enjoy their musical preferences, and enjoy a light show all at the same time. The only rule for this new trend in remodeling is “the bigger, the better.”

In a hectic and fast-paced world, people are leaning more toward finding that sanctuary where they can relax and enjoy the benefits of their labors. Bathrooms seem to be becoming that place, and homeowners are gearing their”>bathroom remodeling projects to fit this new trend.