Tips and Trends in Bathroom Lighting

The bathroom has come a long way from the dingy water closet it used to be. Modern bathrooms are elegant, stylish and an enjoyable place to spend time grooming or relaxing. However, this transition has created the need for various types of light fixtures and light sources to create this stellar atmosphere.

Bathrooms today need to not only be supplied with the functionality of task lighting, but also the warm glow of ambient lighting and the decorative touches of accent lighting. Also, lighting fixtures should enhance and not clash with other decorative bathroom features such as tile, wallpaper and plumbing fixtures. Therefore, thought should be placed into the lighting strategy of any bathroom remodeling project to meet these new demands.

Fortunately, there are a vast number of models and styles of lighting fixtures to choose from. There also exists a good selection of various types of light bulbs, each providing its own unique touch of illumination to an area. It’s not too difficult to find exactly what your project requires. On the contrary, the most difficult part may be in making a choice!

Because the bathroom is more multifunctional today, consider using various types of light fixtures to meet the room’s lighting needs. Mix and match spotlights, track lights, recessed lights, etc to give your space that perfect touch.

Current trends are moving towards the use of vintage glass and iron designs. Also, finishes such as chrome and brushed chrome continue to be a popular choice. Keep this in mind when you’re out shopping for lighting fixtures and use that to match your selections with existing or replacement bathroom hardware.

Contemporary design also continues to be a popular choice for bathroom design. Sleek curves and unique styles play a big role in this. Wall sconces continue to be a good choice for a bathroom mirror and skylights and table lamps are becoming increasingly popular.

While deciding on the decorative features of your bathroom, remember to give attention to the task areas as well. The vanity needs to be well lit in order to give the best, overall lighting to the face. The mentioned wall sconces work well, as do theater style lighting around the mirror’s edge. The shower stall should have a sealed spotlight or recessed light for washing, and the toilet area can utilize a side table lamp, directed track light, or recessed ceiling light that provides proper illumination for reading.

When remodeling a bathroom today, keep in mind the multiple functions it provides and the overall atmosphere you want it to project and plan the lighting design accordingly.