New York Travel Guide For Tourists

New York is the heart of activities when it comes to USA. It’s the largest city of America and is the hub of all activities relating to food, fashion, media, commerce, trade, finance, art, research and culture.

Usually the overall weather of New York is muggy and experiences all 4 seasons. Summers are conventionally scorching and steamy whereas the general trend for winters is chilly and desiccated. Temperature changes are very unpredictable and in New York it is possible to have a sunny day followed by snowy weather in the next day.

New York is the place of residence of people belonging to a diversified range of cultures and races. New York has been known to welcome immigrants from all parts of this world which is why it is very rich in terms of cultural diversity. Chinese, Japanese, Asian, you name it and the community resides in New York.

Getting Here
John F. Kennedy International Airport and Newark Liberty International Airport are important gateways connecting New York to majorly important airports of this world. From there, you can use any bus, coach, taxi, subway or rail to get into the main city. Commuter rail, train and bus can also be used to reach to New York on an easy budget.

Get Around
Inter-city conveyance is of different types in New York. There is a good range of options to choose from. MetroCard system is prevalent if you wish to use buses, so do not travel on them if you don’t have one. Subway, bus, ferry and commuter rails are also good alternatives to choose from.

Major Attractions
The world famous Statue of Liberty and Brooklyn Bridge are amongst the most popular tourist destinations in New York. Times Square is also famous with tourists for the unique amalgamation it offers on account of theme parks and theme specific activities. Lincoln Center is particularly famous for its aesthetically enhanced buildings and also for the variety of options it offers; operas, symphonies, ballets, art exhibitions and movies are few of them. Empire State Building is also greatly famous with visitors.

Arts and Culture
There is no dearth of art and culture in New York. Brooklyn Museum of Art showcases array of Egyptian art and it is one of the most splendid work ever exhibited. Museum of Modern Art has marvelous assortment of modern art and is very famous with tourists as well. Metropolitan Museum of Art, Museum of Sex, and International Center of Photography are the unique kind of options you wouldn’t find anywhere else.

Each and every kind of delicacy is available and eating does not cost much in the confines of New York. The wide range of options available makes it possible for the consumers to get the best service and food with the cheapest rates possible.

New York accommodation is usually out of the budget for the normal traveler. The sky-rocketing costs can be avoided by staying in places near New York. Long Island City offers quite a reasonable accommodation package and same goes for airport hotels near the Newark Airport. Live out of New York but near it, so that this whole trip does not end up costing you a fortune.