Getting to Know New York City Before Your First Visit to the Big Apple!

Moving Around in New York City

The best way of getting around in the city is by using the New York Subway system. It is the most convenient, cheapest and fastest way to cover all the sights in the city. With just $2 a ride, you will have a lot of money left in your pocket to spend on other attractions in the city. An even better option would be to go for the monthly subway pass or a weekly pass depending on the length of your stay. Strongly networked throughout the city, the New York Subway System is your most reliable mode of transportation during your visit to the Big Apple.

Weather in New York City

The most unpredictable thing about the city is its weather. It will surprise you with a shower on a day that is forecasted to be sunny or vice-versa. The weather in the city loves to plays games by taking 180 degree turns in the matter of few hours or even minutes! You should be prepared for any kind of weather during your New York Tour or just soak in the delightful ambivalence.

September 11th

A significant date in the history of the city on which several memorial events are commemorated to honor and remember the victims of September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks that had shaken the entire nation. Devote your time in paying a visit to the Ground Zero site of the former World Trade Center twin towers during your New York City Tour. Be a part of the sentiment that the city feels about rising above the gruesome incident.

Sports Fever in New York City!

Is always running high…as the city hosts some of the most significant tournaments in all kinds of sports with its very own leading teams representing every sport. The U.S Open Tennis, New York Liberty – Women’s National Basketball Association, New York Knicks – the most valuable franchise in the NBA league, New York Yankees of the Major American Baseball League, and the professional American football teams Jets and Giants, the Big Apple is certainly the place for ALL sports fans! If you want to experience the sports fever in the city, it’s a great idea to plan your trip during a big game. Don’t forget to book the tickets in advance!

Sports Fever to Street Fever…Or Should We Say Fervor?

The diverse parades on the streets of the Big Apple are a sight to watch! Be it the Brazilian Day Festival, the Israeli Day Parade, or the Puerto Rican Parade, the streets of New York celebrate every festival dedicated to diverse cultures and nationalities around the world. Don’t be surprised to witness jubilation on the streets during your visit, just join the street fervor!

Autumn in New York City

The fall colors of maple, oak, and birch transform the landscape of this already charming city, making it more appealing. The historic towns of upstate New York lit with alluring shades, the Hudson Valley adorned with vibrant colors, and the celebration of autumn with harvest festivals and pick-your-own fruit events, autumn in New York is certainly not be missed. Probably the best time of the year to plan a trip to the city!