Buy Cheap Tickets to New York, City That Never Sleeps!

New York City is definitely the jewel in the crown for the empire state of New York. The pulsating liveliness, which characterizes America, is perhaps at its highest ebb here. A melting pot of numerous races from across the globe, New York City is a colorful ethnic smorgasbord. Automatically, this has ensured that the city remains a treasure trove of multi ethnic cuisine. As far as night life goes, it may be claimed that the city never goes to sleep. Being one of the most if not the hottest US destination, New York City’s shopping and sightseeing experience is legendary to say the least. Here are some of the must visit and must have experiences of the destination.

American Museum of Natural History

One of the major highlights of the museum is the Rose Center for Earth and Space. Discover the origins of the universe and some interesting facts about earth at the Space Show, Big Bang Theater, Hall of the Universe, Hall of Planet Earth, Hall of Biodiversity, and Spitzer Hall of Human Origins. The Dinosaur exhibit and Butterfly exhibit are further delights. The museum also displays unique attractions like the largest cut gem in the world, among other artefacts.

The Statue of Liberty

This humongous structure was a gift from the French. While from the outside, it radiates imposing grandeur, one can climb the stairs inside the statue to take in spectacular views of the surroundings.

New York Botanical Garden

This is a sprawling kingdom of greenery. Throughout the year, the garden hosts breathtakingly beautiful flower shows and exhibitions. This is also the place to check out some of the best plant laboratories in the world.

The Rockefeller Center

The Rockfeller Center is a complex of some of the most famed buildings in the US like Radio City Music Hall and GE Building, besides being one of the National Historic Landmarks.

Empire State Building

The looming Empire State Building was New York State’s as well as the entire world’s tallest building until the construction of the World Trade Center. It regained its position as New York’s tallest building, once the World Trade Center was knocked down. The giddying heights of the 86th and the 102nd floors have observation desks offering breathtaking views of the city.


Be it native American or Mexican delicacies, or exotic global cuisine from Greece, India, France, Russia, or Italy, New York City spoils one for choice. There are countless eating out options spanning cheap roadside eateries, decent pocket friendly restaurants, as well as top of the hotel restaurants. All these delights are within easy reach as there are many travel companies dishing out Cheap tickets to New York city.


Shopaholics in New York City can treat themselves to a juicy taste of the Big Apple. Whether its vanity shopping in Madison Avenue or some deal stealing at the bargain friendly Lower East Side, the city has all this and everything in between.