Bathroom Remodelling to Add Value to Your Home

House prices have come under the microscope in recent years in light of the credit crunch and subsequent recession and many people have been looking for ways to improve properties in order to maintain value.

With some homeowners reluctant to move in the current climate, carrying out work such as installing new bathrooms could be high on the agenda. This kind of upgrade can be an ideal investment for those planning to stay in their homes for a while.

You can usually get up to an 80 per cent return on your investment, but it comes down to doing quality work.

While setting a clear and realistic budget is recommended, items such as bathtubs, showers and toilets are identified as things worth extra expense so they last a long time.

People looking to take out a loan to improve their bathroom might be encouraged that, under the right circumstances, it can be a very good move. As doing so could lead to both personal and financial gains.

In the current market, it would be more beneficial to spend money investing in your property to make it more habitable or boosting its size, than moving to a completely new home.

One way of going about this could be to make a shower area seem bigger by converting it into a wet room. By replacing an existing enclosure, or removing a tub with an overhead shower head, to create more space.

Homeowners who have a partition between their bathroom suite and shower area might like to consider making them one large space, as experts have noted a growing trend in open-plan living. This has been influenced by the trend in properties becoming more communal and traditional doors which, are being replaced by bi-fold ones.

The family environment is more interactive now, rather than in separate rooms, residents are looking to bring more natural light into their house and this can be done by opening up walls.

It might be an idea for those looking to build an en-suite to create a walk-in shower, rather than using a solid enclosure while washing.

People looking at moving to a new home and who want a quality bathroom suite without the price may be interested in some expert’s remarks that self-building can reduce the amount of money they need to spend.

Even when property buyers limit their renovation spend to £10,000, they can still find the right bathroom and kitchen fixtures for around £3,500 or £4,000. Despite the relatively low outlay, people would still be perfectly happy with the results. You can simplify the whole thing and bring the cost right down.

One way for individuals to save cash when having a shower area created could be to fit the tiles themselves. By taking the correct precautions and making sure they have the right equipment, homeowners may be able to do the design themselves.