3 Bathroom Remodeling Ideas For 2016

In 2016 your bathroom can be updated to be more energy efficient. It can include smart design ideas to maximize your space within your budget. There are 3 main areas where to focus on when you begin planning to remodel and update your bathroom.

First, windows are can either be an energy user or an energy saver. Trends seem to indicate specifying those with a certified energy saving rating, which a licensed and bonded contractor will be able to show you. Windows now are available that can insulate a bathroom to prevent from getting either too hot or too cold. Various window suppliers produce different designs and colors, and will provide you with plenty of choices when planning your renovation.

Second, the shower, sink, and toilet traditionally consume a considerable amount of water and can be when combined a true energy waster or a huge area to save energy in your planning. Probably like most homes the water use from these three necessary fixtures by themselves can be elevate your utility bill dramatically. As much as 50 – 75% of the water used in any home is used in your bathroom, which is easy to understand.

Many people, as may be true for you too, enjoy taking long showers, or perhaps inadvertently leave the faucet running longer than is needed. If that’s true for you, then it is a safe bet your utility bills are higher than you originally thought when you bought your home. By specifying energy saving faucets and showerheads you will cut gallons of water use right out of your utility bill. Another energy saver is implemented when the contractor can use a two-button dual-flush toilet inn your bathroom. These dual flush designs are a smart choice that will clearly save you money in the long run because they only use a fraction of the water regular toilets use Designs are quite stylish and will any taste to move your bathroom design up a level design wise.

Thirdly, bathroom lighting design is an area where planning is minimal for most people, but should actually be the frosting on their cake as far as bathroom energy efficiency goes. Proper consideration in lighting arrangement and configuration can mean large savings in your electricity bill. Small rooms, like a bathroom, can be one of the most expensive ones energy-wise because of its power use over time. There are specific lighting products that use less electricity than ones you may currently be using. Energy efficient ambient lights in bathrooms are an elegant way to provide your bathroom a spa-like feeling and you can save cash by using these when remodeling.

The main thing is to start by contacting a qualified, licensed contractor with a track record with remodeling and designing energy efficient bathrooms. Both attractive styles and energy efficiency can be brought together by a knowledgeable contractor to achieve a savings for your utility bill that you can profit from over time.